the evil inside me…

liHmm… there was once a man whom i hate so much… it was not because of what he did or  what he said to me… but because of what he made me feel about myself. somehow… I hate him because he made me feel like the worst human being in the world. he woke up the evil inside me… i even hated him more because of this. I know it’s my problem… but he’s the only one who can touch that side of me.

the thing is… i never meet him again… but everytime something bad happen in my life somehow he will appear in my dreams. and everytime it happen, i will struggle with myself…just to show him that i can do much better. it is stupid, i know… he even doesn’t know about this. we kinda like a stranger for each other… and the worst (or the best thing, i might say), somehow … I know he is one of the angle that God send to fight the evil inside me. this is me vs him… (",)

the other night, i met him again…and i think i want to say thank you to him… now… because… i know no matter what happens in my life i’ll be fine…i always win… (",)V


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