Just watch this lovely movie. And here are ma favorite lines:

Mayor: Vintage rain water, from the great deluge. Oh, not Noah’s deluge. Goodness, I’m not that old!
[Rango does a loud fake laugh]
Rango: I guess power has it’s privileges.
Mayor: You make a good point, son. So, with privilege comes responsibility.
[Mayor wheels away form his desk and as he does so Rango points to his empty glass]
Mayor: Hell, I was mayor here before there was a dirt. And I maybe just a sentimental old turtle, but I think there’s a future for this town. And I hope you’ll be part of it.
[as the Mayor is talking with his back to Rango, Rango tries to lift the bottle of water from the desk but drops and breaks it, just then the Mayor turns to face Rango]
Mayor: To dirt!
[he raises his glass of water]
Rango: To dirt!
[Rango raises his empty glass]

[watching the people of the town from his balcony]
Mayor: You see them, Mr Rango? All my friends and neighbors. It’s a hard life here. Very hard. Do you know how they make it through each and everyday? They believe. They believe it’s going to be better. The believe that the water will come. They believe against all odds and evidence that tomorrow will be better than today.
[he opens a wooden box which contains Sheriff badges]
Mayor: People have to believe in something. Right now, they believe in you.
[he pushes a Sheriff badge towards Rango]
Mayor: Pick it up, Mr Rango. You’re destiny awaits.
[Rango picks up the badge and looks at]
Mayor: People have to believe in something.

Rango: What are you doin’ out here?

Spirit of the West: Searchin’. Same as you.
Rango: I don’t even know what I’m lookin’ for anymore. I don’t even know who I am. They used to call you the man with no name.
Spirit of the West: These days they got a name for just about everything. Doesn’t matter what they call you. It’s the deeds makes the man.
Rango: Yeah, but my deeds just made things worse. I’m a fraud! I’m a phony! My friends believed in me, but they need some kind of hero. 
Spirit of the West: Then be a hero.
Rango: Oh, no! No! No! You don’t understand. I’m not even supposed to be here.
Spirit of the West: That’s right. You came a long way to find somethin’ that isn’t out here. Don’t you see? It’s not about you. It’s about them.
Rango: But I can’t go back!
Spirit of the West: Don’t know that you got a choice, son.
[he draws a square on a piece of glass]
Spirit of the West: No man can walk out on his own story.
[he looks through the glass at Rango then drives away on his golf cart]

[after the Spirit has left]
Roadkill: So, you made it.
[Rango looks around and sees Roadkill]
Roadkill: That’s right, amigo. The other side of the road
Rango: Did you just…see that?
Roadkill: We each see what we need to see. Beautiful, isn’t it?
[Rango turns and looks at the desert]
Rango: Yeah. It is.

[after discovering that the Mayor is using the emergency shut off valve to control the water]
Roadkill: What now, amigo?
Rango: No man can walk out on his own story. I’m goin’ back.
Roadkill: But why?
Rango: Because that’s who I am.

(source: http://www.moviequotesandmore.com/rango-quotes-1.html)


Thanks for the answer, rango.

I’m goin’back, no man can walk out on his own story.



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  1. wow, nice quotes…
    i like “They believe against all odds and evidence that tomorrow will be better than today.” the most! 🙂

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